4 Ways To Keep Children Healthy In Autumn

For toddlers and young children, it can be difficult to help them to adjust from the hot summer days to the much cooler autumn. It is also the time for them to go to a day care centre and it is fairly common that children pick up an illness from their friends. With enough prevention and preparation, however, parents can keep their children healthy and happy during autumn.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways that you can keep your children healthy this season:

Wash Hands- the coronavirus pandemic has taught us to maintain good hand hygiene all the time. By washing your hands regularly, it is possible to avoid spreading germs to family members, friends and strangers. Set a habit to regularly wash hands for about 20 seconds with antiseptic soap and running water. Make sure children always wear a face mask if required and avoid heavily crowded areas.

Improve Immune System- a strong immune system lessens the severity of an illness and it can kill microorganisms before they have the chance to spread within the child’s body. Children should maintain a healthy diet, get enough sleep, exercise daily, manage stress, wash their hands regularly and laugh often. Parents can ease the process by giving children vaccinations and nutritional supplements.

Deal With Stress And Anxiety- children can be vulnerable to stress and anxiety due to their less mature emotional state. Tests, assignments, homework, and peer pressure can affect children during autumn. Teach children stress management strategies and show them how to see things differently. Remember that stress management strategies could be different for each child due to their unique situations.

Limit Sugar Intake- children love eating candies, sugary drinks, and ice cream. The autumn months can be jam-packed with sweet snacks and beverages, which may lead to sugar overload. Increased consumption of sugar may cause systemic inflammation and depressed immune system.

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