4 Ways To Make Your Child’s Bedroom A Safer And More Comfortable Environment

If children have prolonged tiredness, restless nights, and trouble sleeping, these could be caused by poor bedroom management. This can lead to poor performance in school or bad behaviour at nursery for many children which can hinder their learning and development process as well.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some ways to make the bedroom a safer and more comfortable environment for children:

Don’t Make It A Multi-Purpose Room- the main purpose of a bedroom is to allow children to sleep comfortably and become well-rested. If possible, children should study and do their homework in a special study room. Unfortunately, many children are still being bombarded by external stimuli and information in their bedroom. If there is something that makes your child become less peaceful, it should be removed from the bedroom.

Avoid An Overdose Of Electronic Devices- in many children’s bedrooms, electronic devices are within their arms’ reach. Gaming PCs, a laptop, a TV or gaming console, and smartphones can be very distracting. It’s more likely for children to stay awake late into the night if there are too many distractions. Constant mental stimulation from electronic devices, especially screen time, may cause disturbance to more sensitive children at night. Non-stop notifications on smartphones can make it more difficult for children to get to sleep.

Proper Ventilation And Temperature- stagnant air in a poorly ventilated bedroom can make it a lot less comfortable for children to rest. Good air flow flushes out toxins and dust from the bedroom. Parents should make sure that temperature inside the children’s bedroom is well managed throughout the day, so it won’t be too warm during the day and too cold at night.

Prevent Clutter- it’s likely for children’s bedrooms to become cluttered. Disorganisation may confuse and demotivate children. Parents should impose a system to actively prevent clutter inside the bedroom. Children should be allowed to play with only a couple of toys at any time and the bedroom layout should be simple and easy to clean. It’s a good idea to reward children regularly for keeping their bedroom organised.

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