4 Ways To Relieve Your Child’s Anxiety

Anxiety is a common mental state among both children and adults. Parents may have their own anxiety, but they need to do their best to ease their children’s worries and fears, especially in today’s post pandemic world. If children feel better about themselves and they become more confident, their anxiety will be greatly reduced and children will be much healthier both mentally and physically.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways to help children manage their anxiety:

Acknowledge Anxiety- parents should tell children to acknowledge their concerns, worries, and fears. Tell children that anxiety is an inevitable part of life and they will continue experiencing it during adulthood. The most important thing is to know how to manage and relieve their anxiety, so children can remain happy and productive. Children must realise that worries and fears are protection mechanisms, which allowed our ancestors to defend their families, gather food, and thrive. That means, children must also use anxiety as a way to grow and thrive.

Tell Children To Explore- children should be instructed to explore their emotions and mental state. Tell them to keep a journal and they should write things down when they have the feeling of sadness, fear, or anger. They should collect clues that precede these emotions. If they start feeling anxious during breakfast, they could be worried about school.

Reassure Your Children Properly- many parents give frequent reassurance, without making any meaningful impact to the mental state of children. This could happen when children feel that reassurances are just a meaningless routine that doesn’t provide real solutions to problems. Parents should show that they sincerely empathise, and children must see that parents understand their worries. Instead of offering empty reassurance, parents must evaluate current situations with children and provide workable solutions.

Practice Self-Compassion- constant confusion, frustration and fear could happen when children don’t feel good about themselves. When children feel good about themselves, there will be no more debilitating self-criticism and they can forgive themselves for past mistakes. A confident child is less affected by anxiety and has better social interactions with friends.

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