6 Fun Winter Activities For Kids

During the winter, family members often hole up indoors. After all, it’s incredibly cold and dark outside for much of the day. However, when the sun is shining and the weather is calm, winter can be a great time to explore nature and the great outdoors. Without foliage on the trees, it’s an opportunity for children to experience the landscape in a different way.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some fun winter activities that can keep your kids active and busy all season long:

Bake Snowman Cookies- it’s fun to bake gingerbread cookies during winter. Children can make the dough and gather around the oven to warm up. They can experiment with the dough and toppings, like using coconut flakes or chocolate candies.

Paint The Snow- this is an entertaining outdoor activity that any child can do. Prepare small spray bottles filled with food colouring, like red, green, blue, and yellow. Because food colouring is bio-degradable, it won’t harm the environment. It is an opportunity for children to learn colour combinations, like making purple by combining blue and red, and to show off their artistic talent.

Indoor Picnic- children and parents can cuddle in front of the fireplace eating cookies and sipping hot chocolate. Throw a thick blanket on the floor and play fun games or watch a movie.

Take Photographs- for some people, the winter landscape could look barren and uninteresting. However, the clean lines and sparseness could look beautiful to others. Allow children to use smartphones and experiment with their surroundings. There could interesting point of views like animal tracks or a partially buried pinecone.

Make Indoor Snowman- this classic winter activity allows children to have so much fun outside. But, instead of getting cold and wet, children can stay warm inside the house. Use large, white pillowcases to make an indoor snowman. Children can use buttons to make their snowman’s mouth, nose, and eyes.

Play In The Backyard- if you have a snowy backyard and it’s sunny outside, children can experience the joy winter from their own home. There are many activities that children can try like make snow sculptures, drawing in the snow, making snow castles, or sledding.

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