7 Easy Festive Crafts For Little Fingers

The holiday season is all about friends and family gathering together to share this fun, festive time of year. With colourful holiday decorations and children on winter break, the holidays can certainly be a lot of fun. But for parents, keeping their little ones occupied during the holiday break can be challenging. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a challenge, as children can usually entertain themselves and parents can plan some fun and festive holiday crafts that their children will love doing.

If you have young children and they are looking for something to do this holiday season, keep reading as we are going to share some of our favourite holiday crafts that are perfect for little fingers.

Let’s take a look at some festive crafts that you can do with your child during the holidays:

Tissue Paper Christmas Wreath- with some colourful tissue paper, glue sticks and some imagination, your children can create beautiful holiday wreaths that are not only festive, but easy to make.

Felt Ornaments- kids love making holiday ornaments and felt is a popular choice for younger children. You do the cutting and the can create a wide range of ornaments, snowflakes, holiday shapes and more. From Christmas trees and snowmen, to dreidels, the Star Of David and more, felt ornaments are easy to make and a lot of fun.

Paper Plate Grinch- kids can make the popular Grinch character using paper plates, craft paper and markers. Then, they can hang them in their room, on your art wall or on the fridge!

Hanukkah Luminaries- a great way to light up your walkway for those holiday parties and family get togethers, Hanukkah luminaries are the perfect craft for both young and older children. Paint a Star of David onto white paper bags, fill them with plastic faux tea lights and create a beautiful pathway this Hanukkah.

Watercolour Dreidel Craft- kids can cut dreidel shapes out of watercolour paper and use their imagination to paint colourful dreidels which they can string together to create a beautiful holiday garland.

Pinecone Christmas Trees- this is an easy craft that offers incredible results. Children use pinecones to make beautiful Christmas trees by adding washable green paint, some colourful beads for ornaments and shiny ribbon as garland.

Craft Stick Snowflakes- perfect for little fingers, craft stick snowflakes can be made into a wide range of different shapes and patterns. They can paint their snowflakes and add glitter while the paint is still wet for an extra sparkly effect.

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