Easy And Fun At Home STEM Projects Ideas For Young Children

STEM projects integrate many concepts, which are applicable to real-life situations. Children can learn to integrate concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Children can improve their problem-solving skills. They can have better understanding about important concepts. STEM projects are direct application of knowledge through innovation and creativity. Because STEM projects are performed by the whole family, children can learn about communication, collaboration and teamwork.

Here Are Some Easy And Fun At Home STEM Projects Ideas For Young Children:

Science Projects- with a Ziploc bag, children can make a simple model of a water cycle in nature. Parents may ask children to find the explanation about common natural phenomenon, such as why the sea and sky are blue. With a magnet, children can make a list of magnetic and non-magnetic objects they find around the house. They can even learn about the many combinations of colours by mixing water paints.

Engineering Projects- children can stack folded paper to create a unique building. You could ask them to make a blueprint to ensure balance and stability of their paper building. Children can also make a rubber band car with toothpicks and glue, or you could teach them about the concept of suspension bridges and make a model using cereal boxes, toilet paper tubes, painter’s tape, and rubber bands. There are many engineering projects both boys and girls can do which use Lego bricks and you can have them compete to see who can create the tallest structure without it toppling over.

Math Projects- maths consists of many abstract concepts and these projects can help younger children to have better understanding of maths in school later on. They can make multiple flowers that have two, three, four, five or six equal parts which will help teach them the importance of fractions. Or, they can use a paper plate to make a clock with movable hands which can allow them to learn about the concept of time. Use toothpicks and small pieces of marshmallow to create various three-dimensional geometrical shapes. They can even use colourful Lego bricks to learn about multiplication more easily.

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