Fun Art Projects For Kids

Spending a lot of time inside with your children can quickly lead to them getting bored and looking for new projects to complete and games to play. One of the best ways to keep your children occupied and happy during the coronavirus lockdown is to create some beautiful art projects. Art projects help children to nurture their creativity and imagination. They can use their hands and fingers when working on craft projects, and art projects contribute in developing their fine motor skills.

If you are looking for some fun art project ideas for your kids, here are some that you should try:

Hand Art- it is a lot of fun for children to trace their own hands onto a piece of paper. All they need is a box of crayons and paper. Ask kids to be creative in turning the drawings of their hand into something completely different. Children may transform the drawing of the hand into trees or buildings. Children can also rotate the drawing, so the fingers can be made as legs of animals. This is a quick and creative way to spend the afternoon.

Dyed Paper Towel Fan- children can make attractive dyed artwork projects with paper towels, paper clips, rubber bands, watercolour paints and a few bowls. Fan-fold the paper towel and attach twist ties, paper clips and rubber bands to the folds. In each bowl, pour water and watercolour paint. Dip each part of the fold into the bowl and let the paper towel to fully absorb watercolour paints. Let the paint to completely dry and take off the paper clips, twist ties and rubber bands.

Scrapbooking- scrapbooking is a basic art project that most children can try. Children can preserve their memories and experiences by doing scrapbooking. Children can add drawings, stylish handwriting, and photos to make an expressive and beautiful scrapbook. It’s also a good idea to attach mementos like pins, small seashells, and leaves. Scrapbooking gives plenty of flexibility and children don’t have to focus on just a specific type of art.

Art Jigsaw Puzzle- puzzles aren’t just good to develop the artistic skills of children, but they can also make great reusable games. Children can use cardboard, paint brushes, poster paints and scissors. They can make paintings of animals, sceneries, or other interesting objects on the cardboard. Once the cardboard is completely dry, draw jigsaw puzzle lines with a pencil. Make sure that each piece of the jigsaw is equal in size, so no piece is too small or too big compared to others. Cut up the cardboard using a cutter and children can play with the home-made jigsaw puzzle

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