Fun Summertime Activities For Younger Kids

When parents and younger kids participate in summertime activities, they should emphasise on excitement and having a good experience. Children should always be able to engage in exciting activities while being in a safe environment. When an activity is fun, children will be more committed and focused on it. They will have increased motor skills, creativity, and cognitive functions. An activity is fun if it matches the child’s personal interest s which make finding things to do this summer even more fun.

Here are some fun summertime activity ideas that can keep children entertained and educated: 

Go To A Museum- instead of going to regular museums, children should be introduced with family- or kid-centric museums. With a simple search on Google Maps, you can easily find the closest museums that your children might enjoy. In the greater London area, consider going to the Museum of London, the London Transport Museum, the Science Museum, The Chocolate Museum, the Horniman Museum & Garden, and the Discover Children’s Story Centre.

Shop In A Farmers’ Market- summer is the time of harvest. If there’s an abundance of produce or fresh fruits in your local area, a farmers’ market is typically a better place to visit than a grocery store. It’s an amazing opportunity to stock up on summer produce and cook delicious meals with your children. Most farmers’ markets also have stalls where families can have an affordable and delicious lunch.

Check Construction Sites- many boys, and some girls, love playing with toys of construction vehicles. It can be a lot of fun for children to observe a nearby construction site to see the front loaders, backhoes, and dump trucks in action. Children will watch in awe when seeing much larger versions of their toys come to life.

Make A Mess- paint with juices of blueberries, beets, and other natural colourings. Stage exciting water balloon fight with neighbours and let children just have fun and get wet.

Cool Down- after spending an entire day having fun under the sun, the whole family may cool down with watermelon popsicles, lemonade, or homemade ice cream. It’s a simple, but memorable summertime activity that children and adults will love.

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  • Fun Learning Enhances Development
  • Improved Confidence & Social Skills
  • Language Development & Literacy
  • Improves Listening skills
  • Creativity & Problem solving skills
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