Getting Your Child Ready For Back To School

The 2020/2021 school year went very differently for students, educators, and parents. Right now, local authorities and schools are getting prepared to allow children to return to school this autumn and parents should do their part to get their children ready for regular school activities again. Despite concerns of subsequent waves of the COVID virus due to the emergence of more infectious strains, parents can make the transition easier by doing the following:

Tips For Getting Your Child Ready For Back To School

Address Anxiety- children may experience growing anxiety as they are about to be around other people and friends again. Children should know how to reframe their negative thoughts. It is a good thing if children are worried about possible COVID-19 transmission, but assure them that they will remain safe, as long as they follow all of the safety rules. Show them how to calm themselves, such as with deep-breathing techniques.

Become A Good Role Model- if you are also expecting to go back to the office, it is a good opportunity to show children how to make a proper transition. If children are feeling restless, discouraged, and fearful, they can find strength and courage through a dependable role model. You can start by having good sleeping habits, performing regular exercises, and preparing small details the night before.

Counter Bad News- these days, children pick up bad news more easily from smartphones, social media, instant messages, conversations, and TV. Ask children about what they have been reading lately about the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents should correct any misconceptions and reassure children that everything will be alright. Whether children take it too lightly or feel very anxious, they should always take the right precautions.

Do It Slowly- parents shouldn’t expect that everything can happen overnight, especially because going back to school is a huge transition. It will take a while for children to follow a strict schedule every day. Make sure to get your children prepared at least one month before they go back to school. Set a schedule to wake up, have a breakfast, study, play, take a bath, and go to bed.

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