How to introduce kids to social awareness?

Social awareness involves being aware of all that happens in society and in the world around us. Kids need to be socially aware so that they develop emotional skills. Key skills like empathy, understanding relationships, and compassion are life skills that are needed for the future. A nursery school offering child care near me is best suited to teach these life skills. These skills are crucial, which is why teachers working at a day care near me need to introduce kids to social awareness.

It is very important that social awareness be introduced in a systematic way else children will fail to understand its importance. A day care centre where kids study need to plan properly to introduce social awareness to children. The following pointers are some of ways in which a day care Leicester centre can sensitise children about social awareness.

Introducing social awareness


  1. Be a role model to children

The teachers working at the child care Leicester centre need to be role models for children. This is the ideal way of introducing children to social awareness. When the teachers exhibit traits of social awareness like compassion and empathy, then kids would pick up these skills easily. Children observe adults carefully, more so teachers. This is why teachers should be role models and exercise appropriate behaviour that children can learn from. Showing empathy and compassion needs to be put into practice every day while dealing with others. This is the best way to help children learn these skills.

  1. Help children understand situations

There are various situations children are exposed to in daily life. Every situation can help the child learn something. For this, the kids need to be observant. This is where a teacher has a key role to play. The teacher should talk to children and ask them to observe the language and expressions of others during conversations. They should then be encouraged to talk about what they understood through this observation. This is a good way to improve social interactions while introducing concepts of social awareness.

  1. Read to learn social awareness

Books can be very helpful in introducing children to social awareness. The teacher and children can together read books with stories. Once the reading is completed, the teacher should encourage the children to talk about how the characters in the book felt and reacted. They should also be encouraged to discuss why characters reacted in a particular way. This is a good way of introducing social awareness.


  • Fun Learning Enhances Development
  • Improved Confidence & Social Skills
  • Language Development & Literacy
  • Improves Listening skills
  • Creativity & Problem solving skills
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