How to Keep Your Child Physically Active

Are you worried about your child’s physical health? Are they getting their daily dose of physical activity? Children are naturally active and like to move about, constantly climbing to the top of a slide or swinging from the monkey bars. Unfortunately, as our children get older, it becomes difficult to encourage most of them to get enough daily movement.

Parents can play a significant role in instilling a love of physical activity in their children. Not sure how to convince your little one to incorporate physical activities into their daily routine? No worries! Here we have jotted down some ways to keep your children fit and healthy.

Find a fun activity

Children enjoy having fun. Fun activities can be structured or unstructured, as well as including recreational activities. Assist your children in discovering a sport they enjoy because they’re more likely to stay active if they are doing something they like.

Find active toys

Provide your children with toys that encourage them to engage in physical activity. Balls, skipping ropes, and other energetic toys are essential for young children as they have to keep moving.

Be a role model

Your children observe and imitate your behaviours, both good and bad. Children who witness their parents regularly participate in sports and physical activity are more inclined to do so themselves.

Set limits on screen time

Each day, set a time limit for screen time, which includes time spent watching TV, watching videos, using computers, and playing video games. Make the most of your children’s free time by participating in more physical activities.

Involve the whole family

Inviting everyone to take part in activities is a good idea. It’s one of the most effective ways to change your child’s fitness habits. Take family hikes or play active games together to include physical activity in your everyday routine.

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  • Fun Learning Enhances Development
  • Improved Confidence & Social Skills
  • Language Development & Literacy
  • Improves Listening skills
  • Creativity & Problem solving skills
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