How To Maintain Children’s Development When In Lockdown?

Despite the prolonged COVID-19 lockdown, parents need to ensure that their children have proper early development in life. The pandemic won’t last forever, and children will need to cope again with the fast-moving world. Good physical and mental development makes it easier for children to stay productive and competitive as they grow older and maintaining those developmental qualities is important.

With that being said, we are going to look at some ways to maintain children’s development when in lockdown. Let’s get started:

Cardiovascular Training- a strong cardiovascular system is crucial for long-term health. Parents can do aerobic activities at home with children. Do 30-minutes of physical activity sessions with moderate intensity. For children, a good aerobic training should cause heavier breathing, but without causing them to gasp. As children become more conditioned, they can do more vigorous exercises.

Strength Training- children can prevent injuries and improve performance with strength training. Tug of war, pull ups, sit ups, and push ups can help children get stronger muscles. Adjust intensity to avoid overexerting children. Adult supervision is necessary to prevent muscle injuries in children.

Flexibility Training- children are naturally flexible and this training can help them stay flexible. Make sure they stretch properly before and after workout sessions. It is important to stretch all major muscle groups during the cool down phase.

Improve Mental Strength- mental and physical strength can make your children a balanced individual. Parents should provide good moral compass to help children make proper decisions. Positive values should be instilled in your children. Compassion and honesty are examples of good values that children should have.

Be Grateful- in this challenging time, gratitude can help children to become mentally strong. Parents should show help children to be conscious of all the good things they have. Practice thankfulness each day to boost mood and improve confidence.

Teach Personal Responsibility- each individual has personal responsibility that they need to fulfil each day. Make sure children do daily home chores and homework. If children are still participating in online schooling, personal responsibility is crucial.

Teach Mindfulness- parents can teach mindfulness early to children. An effective way is to become role models, by living in and focusing on the present moment. Stop the habits of regretting the past and worrying about the future.

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