Pool Safety Tips For Small Children This Summer

Children often get plenty of exciting activity during summer when playing in the swimming pool. It’s a good opportunity for them to exercise and learn new skills, but parents must not neglect the necessary safety risks that come along with a swimming pool. Children under two years are especially at risk, because drowning can occur less than 30 seconds. With that in mind, we are going to share some tips to keep children safe in the swimming pool this summer:

Pool Safety Tips For Small Children This Summer

Maintain Constant Supervision- it’s very risky to take your eyes off children, even just for a while, especially when they are in or around the swimming pool. When supervising, an occasional glance isn’t enough – you need to maintain constant visual contact. Although children know how to swim, they still need to be constantly observed. Parents should avoid any distractions, including using a smartphone.

Prohibit Breath-Holding Games- it’s risky to play breath-holding games, because drowning may happen if children hold their breath too long underwater. Any underwater game can be dangerous, even if children do it in shallow water. When teaching children how to swim, they should be taught about proper breathing techniques to avoid unnecessary problems.

Enter Feet First- diving headfirst can be dangerous, especially if it’s at the shallow part of the pool. This can lead to head injuries, broken arms, or concussions. Children should be instructed on how to safely enter and exit the swimming pool. Children can jump in only if they know how to swim and float, and they need to do it at the deeper part of the pool. Older children should be supervised constantly when they are jumping and diving into the pool.

Wear Floatation Device- it’s an effective way to keep children afloat, especially if they can’t swim. Choose a life vest from reputable manufacturer that matches the size of your child’s body. Children shouldn’t wear just arm floaties, because it will be difficult to keep their head above water.

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