Reasons Why Stories Are Important For Your Children?

Storytelling is a concept that has been around for centuries before books even came into the picture. It is an excellent means to pass around ideas from generation to generation.

Storytelling is an experience that turns into a fond memory for both parents and children. However, many people consider stories futile and a waste of time. This perception could not be more wrong. The imaginary tales bring more growth and development to your child than you might be aware.

Here are a few reasons why storytelling plays a vital role in child development.

Learns Expression

Characters in the stories often show very obvious anger, happiness, sadness and jealousy. The children learn how to understand emotions and differentiate between them.

Moreover, these emotional expressions teach them how to express themselves more successfully.

Stimulates Imagination

The imaginary tales of a character often leave children enchanted and fascinated, promoting perceptual development in your child.

Not only do they feel like they are part of the story themselves, but they also start to imagine these characters in real life. For example, we have seen a lot of children wearing superman or princess costumes, playing their favourite characters. It gives a boost to their imagination skills, enhancing creativity.

Improves Concentration

If you involve them in the story by asking what will happen next or what they think of the characters, it will build up their curiosity and focus throughout the story.

Furthermore, your child will be able to distinguish between the start, middle and end of a story and learn to wait for the next part.

The intrigue connecting them to the story will keep them spellbound, increasing their attention span and improving concentration.

Develops Language Skills

Many people use storybooks to help children better command the language. These stories contain articles, phrases, singulars and plurals and much more that assist children in grasping the diction and language.

Teaches Values

In the society and age in which we live, teaching your children the culture and values are imperative. Not only does it shape personality, but it also gives a child their identity.

Stories are possibly the most efficient way of communicating those values to children without feeling like you have imposed those principles on them as a burden.

The Final Word

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  • Fun Learning Enhances Development
  • Improved Confidence & Social Skills
  • Language Development & Literacy
  • Improves Listening skills
  • Creativity & Problem solving skills
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