The Importance Of Physical Fitness In Children

Fewer and fewer children today are physically active and many of them are spending more time indoors. After a long day at school, children tend to relax at home while watching TV and playing videogames. In today’s technologically driven world, children may spend more than 10 hours each day doing light activities, like studying online and using electronic devices. In the UK, one out of three children have a weight problem and, when children are overweight, there’s a much bigger risk that they will become obese as adults.

With that being said, it’s important for children to stay fit physically for the following reasons:

Better Mood- studies show that an active lifestyle and physical fitness can make children feel better emotionally. If children are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, being physically fit can encourage them to find positive distractions. A steady release of dopamine, endorphin, norepinephrine, and serotonin should help to relieve stress and lighten their mood. Parents and teachers shouldn’t ignore the emotional and psychological benefits of being fit as children.

Better Cognitive Performance- children are always pressured to perform well at school. By being physically fit, children can learn quicker, memorise information better, and have better exam results. It is not precisely known how physical fitness affects brain function, but the positive impacts are well documented. If children are lethargic and have poor fitness level, it is less likely for them to succeed at school.

Manage Weight- when children aren’t fit, it could be caused by prolonged inactivity. This is a major factor in childhood obesity. By being active, children will have a higher daily energy expenditure. Our body burns calories when digesting foods, maintaining body functions, and performing physical activities. If children sit for long periods of time, their overall energy expenditures will be low. If children have more muscle mass, their metabolic rate and it means, they will burn more calories, even while sleeping.

Increased Energy Levels- children are often busy. They need to study at school, exercise at gym class, and participate in various after-school activities. If children have chronic fatigue syndrome, gradually increasing their activity will help to boost their energy level.

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