Tips For Protecting Kids From Online Predators/Bullying

In the past, children often encountered bullies and predators only in real life. Now, children interact more on social media, instant messaging, and chat rooms. Due to lack of moderation and supervision, children are more susceptible to online predators and cyberbullying. Fortunately, parents can effectively prepare their children for these online risks.

Educate Your Children- tell children that online predators and cyber bullying are fairly common. Tell them about the risks of online activities. Children will protect themselves better if they vigilantly watch for risks of online threats by interacting with only trusted individuals and keeping their privacy settings tight. Online criminals usually target those who lack the awareness and protection.

Set Limits- parents should firmly set limits on screen time, so they don’t spend too much time using social media and messaging apps. Often, the problem starts when children don’t know when to stop. It is also important to filter out specific websites, so children only visit safe online locations.

Track Warning Signs- parents need to observe children and see whether they are being affected by cyber bullying. If children spend an excessive amount of time with their smartphones and become withdrawn, these could be warning signs. It is important to regularly check online behaviour. Parents should always talk with children about issues that they have encountered.

Block Bad People- cyber bullies and predators can be blocked, so they become invisible or can’t interact with your children. It is time for children to reflect on their relationships with friends.

Document Everything- there are legal implications of cyber bullying and online predatory acts. Parents should teach their children to take screenshots on their computers and smartphones. If those people attack verbally or do indecent things, screenshots of social media posts and messaging conversations can become strong evidence.

Respond Appropriately- if your children are being affected by cyber bullying, it is important to respond in a proper manner. Children shouldn’t respond to all cyber-attacks and always behave positively towards their friends. Children can start gaining supports and encouragement from friends. Cyber bullies are often deterred by positive peer pressure.

Avoid Using Real Pictures- children should use random graphics for their photo profiles. Children should avoid showing themselves in pictures, which can make them more vulnerable to cyber bullying or predatory acts. Many young teens post pictures on Instagram and Facebook, which can expose them to online risks.

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