Ways For Kids To Stay Active During The Holiday Break

Christmas and New Year’s Day are just around the corner. Because it’s very cold outside, you might be worried that your children won’t get enough physical activity during the holiday break. Even with the cold and snow of winter, it is still important for children to remain physically active to maintain health and ideal body weight. Parents should guide their children to stay active during the holiday break, even when winter is in full swing.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some ways your kids can stay active during the holiday break. Let’s get started:

Exercise- there are many exercise videos for kids on YouTube and other video sharing platforms. Choose kid-themed aerobic exercise videos that children can easily follow. Tell children to have a couple of aerobic exercise sessions each day.

Physically Active Gaming- children want to play video games all the time, especially during winter. Fortunately, it is possible to incorporate both physical and gaming activities. Although it’s not comparable to outdoor exercise, it’s much better than sitting on the couch for hours. Consider a gaming system that can sense the movements of the players. Some video games are designed for fun exercise sessions, so it’s easier for children to stay active and fit.

Participate In Chores- household chores are a good way to educate children about personal responsibility. Although it’s not physically strenuous, doing chores at home will keep children on their feet and off of the couch. They can clean the table, vacuum rugs, tidy up their room, and help with preparation in the kitchen.

Limit Screen Time- many children spend seven hours or more watching TV, playing with gaming consoles and using smartphones. Too much screen time is the reason why many of today’s children don’t get enough exercise. Limit screen time to only two hours or less each day.

Take A Winter Walk- if appropriately clothed, children can take a 30-minute walk and enjoy the crisp, fresh air. Although children might have enough physical activity at home, it’s still important to go outside, even during winter. Check the weather forecast and plan a winter walk if the sky is clear. Staying indoors too long could also increase the chance of getting sick, because bacteria and germs tend to proliferate in an insulated home.

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