Why Learning Through Playing Matters For Children

Playing is an important way of learning for children and adults alike. In fact, playing is an effective way for people to learn skills in both the short-term and long-term. It helps children learn various processes which lay the groundwork for future behaviour development and foster creativity. For younger children, it can help develop physical coordination and motor skills as well as cognitive abilities such as decision-making and problem-solving.

The need for play for children has never been greater than it is today with the influx of screen time and computer-based activities. As a result, parents recognise that their children need to learn through play. When combined with technology, however, there are some concerns about how these new technologies affect children and what they can do to ensure their children’s healthy development. The key lies in finding an appropriate balance between screen time and play.

In order to play, children need to have physical and cognitive challenges that they can overcome. This means that parents need to support the physical development of their children by providing opportunities for them to engage in free movement and play. In order to get their bodies moving, they need the freedom of space and motion.

Young children develop motor skills, social skills and problem-solving abilities while they play. You can see this when a child with limited mobility learns to crawl, stand or walk in order to perform an activity or reach a specific object. The child develops language skills by communicating with others and initiating play interactions, which are both cognitive and social processes. Social development can be observed in their ability to communicate emotions through the use of facial expressions and body language as well as through their vocalisations. Children also develop creative thinking abilities by creating new games and activities for themselves.

Mighty Oaks Nursery in Leicester, England, is one of the finest establishments for children. This is a nursery that is devoted to promoting the learning process through play. It has developed a curriculum that centres on the children’s needs, interests, and abilities. This is done by creating an environment that is filled with natural light, planting trees and flowers outside the building, using play equipment like slides, swings and bridges, as well as creating an indoor space that promotes movement, such as climbing structures and tunnels. There is a large selection of toys that encourage creativity through the creation of roles to act out or stories to tell. The toys also help the children measure their own abilities through the identification of patterns and sequences.

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How to Keep Your Child Physically Active

Are you worried about your child’s physical health? Are they getting their daily dose of physical activity? Children are naturally active and like to move about, constantly climbing to the top of a slide or swinging from the monkey bars. Unfortunately, as our children get older, it becomes difficult to encourage most of them to get enough daily movement.

Parents can play a significant role in instilling a love of physical activity in their children. Not sure how to convince your little one to incorporate physical activities into their daily routine? No worries! Here we have jotted down some ways to keep your children fit and healthy.

Find a fun activity

Children enjoy having fun. Fun activities can be structured or unstructured, as well as including recreational activities. Assist your children in discovering a sport they enjoy because they’re more likely to stay active if they are doing something they like.

Find active toys

Provide your children with toys that encourage them to engage in physical activity. Balls, skipping ropes, and other energetic toys are essential for young children as they have to keep moving.

Be a role model

Your children observe and imitate your behaviours, both good and bad. Children who witness their parents regularly participate in sports and physical activity are more inclined to do so themselves.

Set limits on screen time

Each day, set a time limit for screen time, which includes time spent watching TV, watching videos, using computers, and playing video games. Make the most of your children’s free time by participating in more physical activities.

Involve the whole family

Inviting everyone to take part in activities is a good idea. It’s one of the most effective ways to change your child’s fitness habits. Take family hikes or play active games together to include physical activity in your everyday routine.

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Top Five Fun Summer Activities to Keep Your Children Busy

Watch a Nature Cam:

Universities and conservatories worldwide have set up some wonderful nature cams, which may be a fun and instructive method for your children to learn about wildlife. They can provide a valuable learning tool that will help them develop a lifetime love of animals and the outdoors.

Garden Camping:

Setting up a tent in the back garden and sleeping outside with your child can bring a sense of adventure straight to your home! They could transform the tent into anything they choose, from a fort to a spacecraft.

Visit a Park:

Here you can enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors by hiking, birding, or participating in a scavenger hunt. There’s plenty more activities to keep the little ones busy, but here are a few to get you started!

Giant Canvas Painting:

Do you have an old sheet stack in your home? Drag one of them out and spread it out on the grass if you haven’t used it in a while. Gather your paints and encourage your children to channel their inner Van Gogh by painting all over the sheet.

Balloon Rockets:

A simple balloon, according to studies, may educate your children about scientific principles such as action and response, propulsion, pressure, and force. Balloon rockets are a fun example. Balloon rockets are simple to construct. Yarn, duct tape, a straw, and a balloon are all you’ll need. You can also use a straw and a rocket template to construct a small rocket that your kids can launch themselves.


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Social Benefits of Daycare Centres

One of the main concerns of parents trying to decide which childcare is best for their children is whether or not a nursery environment offers sufficient socialisation.

Daycare is a decision that many parents make efforts to deal with and often feel notable guilt about. But no one can deny the fact that daycare centres offer many benefits to children; they learn to work independently on their problems in a calm manner, make friends and have reduced social anxiety.

Let us have a deeper look at how these social settings can benefit the child:

Building relationships:

Do you feel like your child is struggling to make friends when they are taken to a park or someone’s house? Well, attending daycare has significant advantages and how to make friends is one important aspect of it. In daycare surrounded by children, children learn how to be kind and enjoy being with one another. These friendships teach them the value of compassion and sharing, as well as how to work as part of a team.

Language skills:

When children are exposed to a wide range of phrases, it has a positive effect on the development of the mind. Communicating with a broad spectrum of people of different ages aids your child’s development of linguistic skills. A language arts curriculum is frequently included in the syllabus of childcare centres. Children who lack adequate language skills are frequently discouraged and engage in a variety of anti-social behaviours as a consequence.

Separation and new bonds:

Children who join childcare, even if only part-time, learn to act effectively on their own for an extended amount of time. They discover that there will be different routines and people apart from their family members who can be relied on to suit their needs. Not just that, but they also learn how to build solid friendships. All of these experiences are required for the development of a strong personality.

Problem-solving skills:

In a good child care facility, problem-solving and rational skills are taught as part of their course. Children are taught not to give up when faced with adversity and improve their ability in dealing with societies challenges.

Trained staff:

Many children show problems relating to learning at an early age and a majority of parents are unaware of the disorders or simply do not accept them. The trained staff at the daycare centre can help spot them so early treatment can be started for overcoming the issue. If the problem is spotted at the beginning, there is plenty of time to set the child on a productive path.

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If you want to increase your child’s social skills, enrolling them in a daycare centre seems to be a perfect choice.

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Reasons Why Stories Are Important For Your Children?

Storytelling is a concept that has been around for centuries before books even came into the picture. It is an excellent means to pass around ideas from generation to generation.

Storytelling is an experience that turns into a fond memory for both parents and children. However, many people consider stories futile and a waste of time. This perception could not be more wrong. The imaginary tales bring more growth and development to your child than you might be aware.

Here are a few reasons why storytelling plays a vital role in child development.

Learns Expression

Characters in the stories often show very obvious anger, happiness, sadness and jealousy. The children learn how to understand emotions and differentiate between them.

Moreover, these emotional expressions teach them how to express themselves more successfully.

Stimulates Imagination

The imaginary tales of a character often leave children enchanted and fascinated, promoting perceptual development in your child.

Not only do they feel like they are part of the story themselves, but they also start to imagine these characters in real life. For example, we have seen a lot of children wearing superman or princess costumes, playing their favourite characters. It gives a boost to their imagination skills, enhancing creativity.

Improves Concentration

If you involve them in the story by asking what will happen next or what they think of the characters, it will build up their curiosity and focus throughout the story.

Furthermore, your child will be able to distinguish between the start, middle and end of a story and learn to wait for the next part.

The intrigue connecting them to the story will keep them spellbound, increasing their attention span and improving concentration.

Develops Language Skills

Many people use storybooks to help children better command the language. These stories contain articles, phrases, singulars and plurals and much more that assist children in grasping the diction and language.

Teaches Values

In the society and age in which we live, teaching your children the culture and values are imperative. Not only does it shape personality, but it also gives a child their identity.

Stories are possibly the most efficient way of communicating those values to children without feeling like you have imposed those principles on them as a burden.

The Final Word

If you are stressed about finding your child the quality early education that they deserve and are wondering, “Where can I find a good daycare near me?”. Well, your prayers might have been answered.

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