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5 Top Tips For Creating Healthy Family Habits In 2020

Creating a healthy environment at home is always a great idea, especially when we start a new year. There are many unhealthy things that we often do without thinking, like munching on a jar of cookies while watching TV after dinner or overindulging in dinner itself. This can make it can be difficult to encourage […]

7 Easy Festive Crafts For Little Fingers

The holiday season is all about friends and family gathering together to share this fun, festive time of year. With colourful holiday decorations and children on winter break, the holidays can certainly be a lot of fun. But for parents, keeping their little ones occupied during the holiday break can be challenging. Fortunately, it doesn’t […]

15 / 30 Hours Free Nursery Places in Leicester

15 Hours & 30 Hours Free Childcare in Leicester Mighty Oaks Nursery is offering 15 hours and 30 hours FREE day nursery places in Leicester. We offer baby care, toddler care, pre-school care, after school clubs and holidays clubs. Our Nursery is a very safe and well maintained. Our childcare day nursery in Meridian park, […]


  • Fun Learning Enhances Development
  • Improved Confidence & Social Skills
  • Language Development & Literacy
  • Improves Listening skills
  • Creativity & Problem solving skills
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